Fix Chinese input

Can’t type Chinese in Input boxes sometimes.

Hi Yuan,

Sorry to hear that, but thanks for making us aware.

I’ll be sure to inform the team to get this fixed as soon as possible.

We are also having problems with Korean input; it seems that the Height app has issues with all CJK inputs. Could the team further investigate the issue? It is the most frustrating bug for us using Height in our team.

Hi, Sojin! Apologies for the major inconvenience. We’ll look into the issue and begin working towards a fix. Thanks for the report!

Also, Sojin - can you give more details about when the issue occurs? Can you not input the characters for list names, task names, descriptions, etc.?

Hey, Sojin! We’ve released a fix so you should now be able to input Korean characters with no issue :slight_smile: