Tags (Feature Request)

I have only used height for a few hours, but I think Tags would be an essential feature for many users. I’m a designer and in many other apps I use tags to indicate which client the tasks are connected to.

Many apps use tags in different ways, some have color and text (MeisterTask), some have text only, and some only use a color.

I believe that the best way to provide users with a great implementation is to make sure that the feature has the following:

  1. Tag Name.
  2. Tag Color.
  3. That the Tag Text is visible in all views (meaning that users don’t need to click the task to view the Tag Name).


Hey, Hannes! Tags are supported and can easily be created via our Attribute feature. From Product settings → Attributes, you can create a custom attribute called “Client,” set the type to “single select” (or “multi-select” if needed,) and create “tags” for the different client options.

Once the attribute has been created, you can add it as a column in your view to see each of the options, including the tag name and color. To streamline your view you can do things like Section by to divide the list into client-based sections.

client sections 1

Section by is supported in Kanban as well so you can easily preserve your client view if you’re a Kanban power user :smiley:

client kanban

Let me know if this helps!

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Wait what! How did I miss this! Fantastic, thanks for letting me know and for the tutorial.

All in need now is that mobile app!

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Haha! A lot of our features are hidden under the hood :wink:
And we’re working hard to get this mobile app launched so stay tuned!

One additional thought after using the tags feature. I would love to be able to create new tags directly from within a task.

For example, a shortcut such as “#Tagname” instead of having to manage the tags from the settings would be great. Or even a UI button that will let me add a new tag.


Yet another feature that’s hidden under the hood: new tags can be created in real-time from the task page without having to go into the Attribute settings.

adding new tags

Similarly, you can bulk update tasks with new tags from within a list as well!

new tag in list

This is fantastic and should be called out in the documentation. I keep finding little gems like this when using Height, but it’d be nice to have them be more discoverable. Maybe a “Height Tips & Tricks” section of the docs?

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Good point, Tammer! There’s a bevy of powerful features hidden under the hood, for sure so a tips & tricks section is a sweet idea :slight_smile: