Ability to use NOT and OR operators in smartlist filters

I’d really love to add a filter to create a smartlist that excludes items that are in a specific list or have specific attributes.

Likewise, I’ve also wanted to create smartlists in the past that use the OR operator. Is this functionality coming soon? :crossed_fingers:

Hey, Shelly! Those operators are fully supported. Typing Not and Or then pressing Tab lets you specify the parameter. Can you share what happens on your end when trying this?

I just tried making a smart filter by grabbing everything from one list, and filtering out items that also are in another list.

  • I type NOT after the first list
  • Then press Tab
  • Then specify the other list (the one I want to be excluded)
  • My NOT changes to AND

Hmm, that’s interesting. It shouldn’t replace Not with And. The input field can be a bit sensitive so it may not be fully capturing the List parameter.


  • Not after the first list and press Tab
  • Lists and press Tab to update the filter to AND NOT
  • specify the lists you want to remove

and not filter

Let me know if the adjusted flow works.