[Bug] Export -> Tasks to CSV from SmartList Does not Honor Attribute Choices

I created a smartlist with 6 attributes, in a particular order. When I do “Export → Tasks to CSV”, the export does not honor the attributes I chose or their order. Instead, it exports all attributes of the tasks, in a random order.

This makes it really difficult to use the export, as now I have to hide and re-order columns every time I export.

Expected Result:
Export → Tasks to CSV honors the configuration of the smartlist or list that’s being exported, especially the attributes that were chosen and their order. If there’s some reason that all attributes need to be exported, or others want that, then please put the extra ones at the end (on the right), AFTER the attributes that were chosen for the smartlist/list. They would be easy to ignore at the end, but are a huge pain to have to hide one by one in a random order.

Thanks for the report, Beth! This is admittedly counterintuitive, so sorry about that! Will get this filed with the team to improve :slight_smile:

Hey, Beth! I wanted to circle back and let you know that we released a fix for the smart list export issue. Exported smart lists should now preserve the attribute order :slight_smile:

Thank you! I’m assuming it is the “Tasks as CSV (as seen)” option which is sooo close! However, it doesn’t export the Task ID, even though that is shown in the spreadsheet view in Height.

The task ID is not a separate column I can add, but it shows in the UI and I definitely need the Task ID to be exported, along with the other columns, sort order, etc. So, basically, I’d like the export to look just like I’ve customized the spreadsheet view.

Unfortunately, without the task ID, I can’t identify tasks in the export, so the export is not fully useable.

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Circling back on this, I’ll file this as a request to export Task IDs. For what it’s worth, because they aren’t considered an attribute, they’re not listed as a column, but we can explore workarounds to honor this request :slight_smile:

Hey, Beth! I wanted to circle back to let you know Task IDs are now included in list exports. Thanks again for the report/suggestion :slight_smile:

thanks - it worked beautifully!

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