Attributes fail to update on save, duplicate attributes created

I’m trying to create a bi-directional ‘Relates to’ attribute. I accidentally created it as a one-way attribute. When I went back to edit it, pressing ‘save’ clears out the “reverse attribute” field. Even more troubling, I seem to be creating new duplicate attributes on each save attempt:

Here’s what i see in Local Storage

and here’s what happens when I attempt to save:

Hey, Dan! This seems related to an attribute regression that’s since been resolved. Are you still experiencing this issue?

@Akila_Triggs yes, I am still seeing this issue

Understood. I’ll have someone from our team take a look - sorry about this!

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Hey, Dan! Can you try clearing your cache to see if that fixes the issue? (? in bottom left corner → Developer → Reload and clear cache.)

hm reloading and clearing cache. did not resolve the issue. I still see the duplicate attributes in the dropdown, even though I only see a single “Custom attribute” for “Related to”

Circling back on this, Dan: we released a fix for this issue so you should no longer see duplicates when making updates to bi-directional attributes.

Thanks! Looks like this situation is almost fixed for me – I still see one duplicate for the attributes I created, even though I only see one attribute in the list:

Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 10.14.59