Clarify user flow for setting date attribute

When setting an attribute it is not clear when the attribute has been changed. For example, if you update a due date via the command palette the flow looks like this:

  • ⌘+K
  • Search for “due date”
  • Select Edit Due Date
  • Click on the date.
    • There is no visual confirmation, but this click actually changes the attribute. If you keep clicking on dates, the attributes keep changing.
  • Then if you right or left arrow you move a cursor. If you arrow up or down you move between repeat and clear. If you hit enter when neither is selected, nothing happens. But if you hit enter and either repeat or clear is highlighted, that action is selected.
  • Also, hitting escape or clicking outside the palette is the only way to close it.

I think the best solution would be to add a confirmation button so that any changes to the attribute would only then be updated. And you could have a ⌘+enter to confirm and close the palette.

Hey, Todd! Agreed that the current flow is a bit confusing. We’ll work on an improvement to make date confirmation better. Thanks so much for the feedback!