Change language preference within app

I switch between writing in English and Spanish. I happened to have the Spanish keyboard enabled when opening Height (on a Mac), and while I’ve since switched back to the English keyboard, spellcheck is still suggesting Spanish words and so my textarea is filled with red.

  • I tried opening and closing Height, and that didn’t help.
  • I noticed that there’s a preference set in “Application Support/Height/Preferences”: {"spellcheck":{"dictionaries":["es"]}} but I’m not sure if it’s possible to change that through the UI. I tried changing it manually to "en", but re-opening Height set it back to "es".
  • For whatever reason, the text I’m typing now (in Chrome) is also being spellchecked against a Spanish dictionary even though my Google account and Chrome profile all list English as the primary language.

Not sure what other information I can provide, or if this is something specific to the OS and not either of these apps. I’d expect that if I’m using the English keyboard, then spellcheck would be in English.

OK, all it took was posting this for me to realize it was an OS thing. Check spelling and grammar on Mac - Apple Support. describes it well, namely that I needed to select which language was used for spelling; it’s not automatically chosen based on the keyboard input. :pensive: