Cmd+P with a specific task number should show that task first in the search results

When I type Cmd+P in the desktop app and I know which task number I’m looking for (e.g. T-12345), I would expect T-12345 to be the first result shown, since I already know what task I want and want to pull it up.

What actually happens is that this sometimes happens, but other times it will show mentions of T-12345 first, and it’s very irritating to have to dig into that task in order to find the one I actually want.

Is there some alternative in the desktop app to find what I want? In the web interface I could manually edit the URL and enter the task ID, but that’s not an option here.

Edit: it looks like Cmd+K does this when you type e.g. 12345 and wait for the search results. Then the first result will be the exact match. However, if you hit Enter before the search results are loaded, then it sends you to the same results list as Cmd+P.


This would be SO helpful.

(Cmd-P can also be slow to show results, so having task access by direct ID entry when needed would avoid that annoyance too.)

Thanks for reaching out, Ian! I just tried to repro on my end and each time the task was the first result. Gonna flag this with the team to take a further look :+1:t5: