[enhancement] Select list per vscode project

Currently, // TODOS from the vs-code gos to personal tasks.

I’d love to be able to configure per project / vs-code workspace, which list it should go to. Bonus points if:

  1. Global defaults can be set, eg #general
  2. Per workspace can be set (might get this “for free” via vscode’s .vscode folder).
  3. Can accept a map, eg. // FIXME: goes to #bug-reports and // TODO: goes to #client-foo

Additionally, I’d love it if the extension DIDN’T replace the initial TODO text with the ID. I want the Task ID there, but there are other extensions that use and look for TODO, etc. Also, the task permalink would be nice!

Lastly, please add .svelte to the extensions (or make that hash overridable in vscode settings!)

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Thanks for each of these suggestions, Nick! Passing these along to the team :slight_smile: