[feature] Reduce font size of mobile app

I am grateful Height shipped the mobile app! I often want to capture ideas on the go.

My main gripe is the font size is enormous. Ideally, the app should use the default font size of the OS. However, I think most of the app is a web view because it resembles accessing http://height.app via the mobile web browser. If so, merely reducing the font size for the entire web page would still be an improvement. Thank you!

For reference of the default OS font size, I included a screenshot of Twitter (arbitrarily chosen) for comparison:


Hey, Danny! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll file this with our team for consideration :slight_smile:


Completely agree here… the font-size is huge! We use Linear alongside Height and they have nailed it. It would be nice to just have a zoom feature for now as I’d assume that would be much easier and quicker to deploy.
The horizontal scrolling can be frustrating too, it’d be nice to see a mobile view that uses word-wrapping instead of horizontal scrolling, but this is probably a separate issue.
Fingers crossed this can be deployed soon as it’s almost unusable atm.


I’ll note the zoom suggestions, Seb! I’ll also make a “new” request submission for the horizontal scroll/text wrapping :+1:t5:

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