My wishes concerning

I love the UI of Height and several functionalities are unique and top notch. I would love to work with Height. But the current state of development makes it not suitable enough for me. Which is personal of course. So, I’m still sticking to ClickUp (with all it’s unnescessary bells and whistles), but I do hope I can go over to any time soon.

As a solopreneur (with several independent 3rd parties working for me), I recently made a list of the minimum of features I would like to see in a pjm-app. And I thought it could be helpful to post it here for reference.

PJM + Todo-app
App must be usable for:
• Projects / project tasks (project management function)
• List of independent tasks (todo function)

• Multiple projects / lists possible
• Nestable actions (for WBS)
• Columns customizable (show/hide, position)
• Custom fields
• Totals of columns. Of cost, time etc.

• Repetitive tasks, with relative dates (ex: ‘every 3rd wednesday of the month’)
• Due dates with color and notifications

Views / filters
• List
• Kanban
• Gantt (and Critical path)
• Time line → multiple projects (year planning)
• Calendar → also by day/hour for working with time blocking
• Saveable filters (custom settings, custom names)

Built-in integrations:
• Google Calendar (and possibly similar apps) + two-way sync
• Google Drive (and possibly similar apps)

• Data export to .csv
• Possibility to use the browser plugin ‘SavePageWe’

• Knowledge base, preferably also with videos
• Broad user groups on Reddit, Discord(?) and/or own forum
(Btw, should this be cleaned up?)

Hope this is of some help / gives some inspiration. I keep an eye on the progress of your great app!

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Appreciate the thorough insight, Max! We already support most of these features sans the integrations points, but either way, hope you’ll circle back in the future!