[feature request] ability to duplicate lists via API

We’d like to make use of template lists via automation. For example, we can ask Zapier to create a new list #client-bigco from #template-client-onboarding whenever we win a deal in Hubspot. I don’t believe this is possible right now.

Any thoughts on this? Not being able to use template lists via the API and Zapier is becoming a bit of a problem for us.

Hey, Tammer! Apologies for the delay! I’ve filed this with the team for consideration and I’ll circle back with update as they come.

This would be a great feature, but making templates more powerful and supported would be even better!

Circling back to let you know that duplicating lists via API is now fully supported :partying_face: The flow has been added to our API docs!

that’s fantastic! How long before that API update propagates to the Zapier integration?

The API update should be reflected in our Zapier integration pretty soon. We’re actively working on a few different integration improvements, so I’ll loop you in once it’s available.

Also, when duplicating a list, are you expecting tasks to be duplicated as well? Currently it will duplicate tasks on the list, but we can make that optional instead if that’s not the desired behavior.

Great question: for us, the duplication of the tasks is the most important aspect.

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Duplicating lists is now support in our Zapier integration. If you don’t see the new “Duplicate List” action, make sure your zap is using the latest version (2.1.0) of the Height integration.