Feature request: Being able to see the Total of selected tasks for a custom attribute

We have an attribute for the “estimated size” of a task. The values of that attribute are numbers (0, 0.25, 1, 3, 7…). While it is already possible to see how many tasks are selected, it would be super useful to have the total of “estimated size” for those selected tasks. That would avoid us doing some mental maths when choosing every sprint what we should work on :smile:

When nothing is selected:

When some tasks are selected:
Capture d’écran 2022-05-16 à 10.54.31


Hey, Guillaume! This would be a super useful improvement to our Configure feature. Thanks so much for sharing! Will definitely pass along to the team for consideration :smiley:

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I’d really like to have this feature, too, as I’m using it for the same sort of use case. It’d be nice if the attribute could also be a number type so that I don’t have to worry about non-numerical values getting in there.


Noted, Gordon :+1:t5: thanks!