[Feature Request] Aggregate values from subtasks

I realize this will be a bit complicated to implement, but this feature would be really nice in some cases.

It’d be nice if a parent task could fill in its value for an attribute by aggregating the values from a subtask. For example, sum up the number of story points of subtasks, generate a due date based on the last due date of a subtask (or the first!), etc.

Bonus points if this behavior could be standardized on a list so that it was the default behavior for all parent tasks with no value set, so they would adopt the default aggregation behavior unless a value was put in to override it.

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Also, seems related to this other suggestion I’m a fan of: Feature request: Being able to see the Total of selected tasks for a custom attribute - #4 by Akila_Triggs

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Makes sense, Gordon! May be a more nuanced feature to implement, but I’ll make note of this request.