[FEATURE REQUEST] : Support Markdown checkboxes in card description

A feature we really miss from moving our issues from Github to Height is the possibility to have editable checkboxes in the description.
We don’t always want to have subtasks just for a personal TODO, plus we sometime want it organised ex:

## Topic 1
- [ ] Todo 1 
- [ ] Todo 2

## Topic 2
- [ ] Todo 1 
- [ ] Todo 2

Could result in something like that :

In our opinion this is a killer feature really missing.


Welcome Morgane,

Understood, this happened to be a recurrent feedback we get.
I’ll sync internally to see what we should do about it

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Our team would really enjoy and use this feature.

It sounds like this is a recurring piece of feedback. Is this on the roadmap?

Hey, Todd! We’ve filed this with the team and are still working to implement it. Will circle back once it’s supported :slight_smile:


just plus one-ing here. This would be AMAZING.

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