Broken Markdown Formatting In Description Field

When I paste markdown formatted text directly into the editor of the Description field, the formatting is not applied.

I have to manually undo and redo the markdown syntax for each H1, H2, H3 and bullet points - then the formatting applies.

This problem is on Windows 11 desktop, Chrome browser FWIW.

Thanks for flagging! How long have you noticed this issue, Devashish? Also, have you tried clearing your browser cache?
Any screen recordings that capture the issue are helpful, too!

I’ve observing this since a month or so.

Recently me and my team have started to add Description field text by copy and pasting markdown formatted text from another tool.

We also ask ChatGPT sometimes for some markdown formatted text to add in Description field.

These formats work well when copy and pasted on Notion etc. - so issue seems to be with Height and how it handles markdown when full text is pasted.

So for example, if you paste the below in Description field, it won’t format to markdown, and I’d still see the hashes:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Surprisingly markdown copy and paste is working here! But not in Description field :face_holding_back_tears:

Please get it fixed. It’s such a pain to use as of now.

I’m not able to repro the issue on my end, but I definitely want to take a closer look. Are you able to email with a few example Task IDs for where this is happening? Also, a recording of the actual pasting would be helpful too!

Here’s a video that will help - Height - Markdown Formatting In Description Field?

You will see how painful it is. Please help!

Oof, I can definitely see how disruptive it is to manually edit the markdown. Will share this with the team for a fix. Major apologies for the inconvenience!