Height 2.0 still usable without AI?

Hi support!

I’m actually about to go over from ClickUp to Height. But with the coming 2.0 update of Height, I am afraid to land in an app that is becoming as feature-rich (and subsequently as complex) as ClickUp.

While I’m sure Height 2.0 will be a great update, I would also be able to use Height as it currently is (though of course I welcome improvements like better recurring tasks, a calendar with hours etc. :slight_smile: )

Are my concerns justified?


Hey Max,

TLDR: yes, you will be able to use 2.0 without AI.

Don’t you worry — 2.0 is a big, but nevertheless update to 1.0.
You can safely use Height as it is currently, update to 2.0 when it is released, while keeping your workflows and data, and continue to use Height as you used to.

Hope this helps


Thanks Michael,
Good to read I’m not forced to change my current way of working. I’m always in for innovation, but love to be able to gradually try out new features and see how to benefit from them. Reassured :slight_smile:

When does 2.0 drop?

No super firm ETA yet, but be sure to join the waitlist because we’ll be inviting people into beta from there!