How to reference tasks in subtasks?

In here, I want to be able to have the subtask reference an actual task. If that task gets completed, it will be completed in this subtask too as it’s a reference.

Kind of like this where if I type @.. it will find the Setup DB.. task. I see that #.. lets you search lists. But I don’t know how I can search tasks so the subtask starts referencing an actual task.

If this is not a feature yet. Please add, it would be very very useful for me and hopefully others.

Thank you.

p.s. the way to trigger task search doesn’t have to be @ it could be /.. or something else. / stands for search in many apps.

You can reference/search tasks with “T-”.

That’s nice thanks.

There’s no link though it seems.

Setup DB task is T-34.

I also would love it if it expanded the title of the task too. T-34 says nothing to me. I want to see a subtask name there.