Hyperlinks to Height tasks force spawning new Height App instance

EVERY TIME I click a link to a Height task now (eg. in Slack) instead of opening the ticket in the ACTIVE instance of the Height app, I get this:

  • a prompt to log in to Height (despite the facat that I am already logged in AND have the app open)
  • Height then attempts to open in the browser (even though I have repeatedly set Height to open in the app not the browser) including asking me to log in AGAIN. Worth noting that this log in never resolves and siply sits open on the browser tab trying to log in
  • Height then spawns a second instance of the desktop app, along side the already open instance, and labels it “Height 2”
  • this new instance of Height does NOT even open the ticket in question and simply presents me with my inbox

Sorry about this, Ezra! We’ll look into this right away!

Hey, Ezra! It is possible to send over a video of the issue? That’d be the easiest way for us to investigate. If you’re unable to upload here, feel free to send it to support@height.app.