I'd like to be able to rename or reorder "to do"

Height has a default “to do” status. I can’t rename it, and I can’t reorder it.

Here’s why that’s a problem (for me).

When I first create tasks I’d like to put them in a “backlog”. I haven’t committed to doing backlog tasks, I’m just making note of them. If I plan to actually complete a task I’d like to then put it in “to do”. That way, as I clear items from “doing” (i.e., “in progress”) I can pull tasks from “to do” without having to look at the entire backlog. (In fact, I’d like to hide the backlog entirely on the kanban board.)

With the way Height works, I can add a “backlog” status — but I can’t order it before “to do.” The inability to order before “to do” would be OK if I could rename “to do” to “backlog”; in that case, I’d create my own “to do” status after “backlog”. But I can’t rename it either.

I can work around the limitation, with some tradeoffs. For example, I can reorder the status lists on the kanban board itself even though I can’t do it in Settings. The tradeoff is that a) “to do” is still the default status and b) when a list of statuses is shown — e.g., in a pop-up menu — “to do” shows up before “backlog”, which is wrong from a workflow perspective.

So: as I said, I can work around the limitation, with some tradeoffs. But it certainly feels odd that the limitation is there in the first place. It isn’t clear why it is.

P.S. Thinking about this, what I may do is to create a new status called something like “to do soon” and treat “to do” as the backlog.

Thanks for your feedback. We made this change recently to accommodate Status collections.
I talked about it here: https://twitter.com/michaelvillar/status/1456656916508184578?s=20

Though your workflow makes a lot of sense! And it’s unfortunate we broke that way of working. Let us think about it.

In the meantime, another workflow that would work is to use a list called “Back log” and add tasks to that list first.

Thanks a lot for your feedback