Ability to position tasks in automations & repeating tasks

Hey guys, love the automation stuff and where that’s going.

One thing that’s cropped up for me while using both automation’s and repeating tasks is the need to decide where they go in the list.

Some of my lists are long.

The default behavior of both of those functions is to put the newly created task at the bottom of the list.

I would like to be able to change that to the top if I wish.

Reason for this is, in my work list, I have a load of ongiong work tasks, plus a few repeating tasks that I must do every single day. Those repeating tasks are not necessarily high priority in the strictest sense, but I do have to to them on that day. Putting them at the bottom does not make them visible enough when the list is long and I have to constantly remember to pull them up the list.

I suppose this only applies for manually sorted lists but that is often how I sort my lists based on whats happening at the time instead of a specific field like priority or date.

Keep up the good work.

Hey, Rad! I’m admittedly not sure how simple this would be to implement, but I’ve filed this request with the team :+1:t5: