Include sub-tasks in Sort by Due Date

  • When I sort Assigned to Me by Due Date (Oldest to Newest)
  • Currently it only sorts by Due Date of parent task
  • I would expect it to also sort sub-tasks even if their parent has a later due date

This is messing with my productivity system otherwise referred to as: Wait until the last minute to get stuff done. I have to scroll my entire Assigned to Me to find rogue sub-tasks.

Thanks for the feedback, Sam! For what it’s worth, the sorting is based on the parent task when subtasks are indented; however, for your use case, you can easily configure subtasks to be included in the sort by flattening them from the view settings.

Let me know if this helps!

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I should have known that the geniuses at Height had thunk of this already. Thanks @Akila_Triggs!

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Haha! Happy to help :smiley: