Subtask attributes shown in parent task

When looking at a parent task, the subtasks are listed. This includes the subtasks’ name, status, assignees, and list. Is there any way to show different attributes than these?

I often want to add several subtasks to a parent, and edit other attributes (Priority, Points, etc) for each. I basically never need to look at a subtask’s list. I’d love to be able to do this without opening each subtask in a modal or new tab. Is this possible right now?


Hey, Kathryne! Not yet possible, but for sure on our radar to support in the future! I’ll make note of this request with the team, thanks :slight_smile:

I love the idea of seeing different attributes in the subtask view. For instance, I would love to see a due date of the subtask without having to click into it. It could also be helpful when using a form to easily add due dates right there as soon as the form creates the task and subtasks needed.


Makes sense, Taylor! Thanks for the feedback!

To clarify - there currently is not a way to see all the due dates on a list of subtasks? You need to open each subtask to check the due date? Wondering if there is a workaround because I would love to have this ability.

Correct. Currently no way to see a list of all subtask due dates when in the parent task’s task page. In spreadsheet view, if you have subtasks expanded and the Due date column shown in the list, you can see each individual date, but this is not currently visible in the Subtasks tab of a parent task.

Still pulling for this HARD. I would love to see due dates in the subtasks portion of the parent task.

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We’re working on this :slight_smile:

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Came here to say exactly this, “it would be great to see due date on the subtask list, when looking at the parent task”

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I’d like to add that it would be great to be able to assign default due dates for subtasks on a task form that are calculated from the due date of the parent task or from the date the parent task is created.

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Noted. We’re planning to revamp our relative dates functionality so this is something that could be supported once the improvements are released :slight_smile: