"Link" / "URL" attribute type, for linking canonical spec docs per task

Links like google docs, specs/PRDs, website references, etc are easy to get lost in the description or comments feed of a task. A “Link” attribute type with special styling for one click opening in browser would be helpful to stay organized!


This is a really nifty suggestion, Jeff! I’ll pass it along to the team :slight_smile:

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Any update on this feature request? I’ll add that I’ve now experimented with a text attribute to solve this, but it’s not linkified, which feels like low-hanging fruit to make this possible. Chat and Description are both insufficient for source-of-truth documentation per task; chat because it’s not temporal/too easy to scroll to an outdated link, and description because it’s hidden by default from most entrypoints.

As an enhancement, showing the favicon of the link would be great, too (I’m imagining Figma icon drawing attention when our engineers are looking for a design spec).



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Any update here? We’re wondering if Height will support this soon or if we need to create a new system (with Height no longer being the source of truth for project documentation…).

Hey, Jeff! Apologies for the delay. Featuring a Links tab in a task’s page is on our roadmap to implement which may suffice your request depending on the design. We understand the potential value of supporting a link-type attribute so we’re exploring ways to possibly combine this request with our current development of a Links tab. No firm ETA as to when a separate link-type attribute would be supported though.
Sorry about that!

Thanks for the update in August! Was there any development here? It continues to be a source of weekly confusion for us.

+1 for us.

It could just piggy back off of the text field instead of adding a new field type. You can simply detect if the text is a link and then linkify it.

Although if there was a dedicated link type, it would allow us to in-theory bind a keyboard shortcut to open the link associated with the task. I could see myself doing this pretty often as most of our work is tried to a notion doc.

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We were pretty focused on a few larger Q4 projects, so apologies for the delay. Will see if we can get this prioritized and circle back when I have updates.