[Feature request] Show linked PRs for both current task and all subtasks

Feature request

Currently, Height shows the list of pull requests linked to a given task, as well as their merged/open/closed status:
Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 12.13.24 PM

However, it only shows PRs that are directly linked to the current task. It would be very helpful for our team if it was possible to see not just the PRs linked to the current task, but also to see the status of PRs linked to subtasks as well.


Recently we had a bit of a hiccup in releasing a bugfix; as part of our release process we merged all of the PRs linked to the task and confirmed that they displayed “Merged” in the “Pull requests” line item before cutting a release and deploying it.

However, there was one PR that also needed to be merged in order to resolve the bug, and that PR was linked not to the original bug’s task but rather to a subtask. (We often make smaller, “informal” subtasks of a task so that developers can more easily track their work, especially for trickier issues.)

As a result, because that last required PR was “hiding” in a subtask, we had a regression and had to roll back; after diagnosing the cause of the regression, another developer pointed out the missed, not-yet-merged PR that was linked to a subtask.

Since then we’ve been more careful about checking subtasks as well as part of our releasing checklist, but that’s what motivated this feature request.


One workaround is to simply link any PRs to both the original task and any subtasks, so that they appear in both tasks’ views. But it’d still be helpful for us to see all PRs relevant to a given feature/bug in one place as part of our releasing process.


I asked about this via Chat inside Height myself. It also occurred to me that it may be useful to add this “rolling up” capability to other fields as well.

For example, we might like to see a list of all linked contents from any “related to” task within a tree.

(Or, in a slightly different direction, we might like to know the distribution of statuses of all subtasks within a tree.)

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Thanks for making the post! I agree this would be a helpful feature!

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Yep, I’ve filed this request with the team per David’s suggestion. Your motivation explanation is great context, so thanks for sharing! (And apologies for your team missing the hidden subtask :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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