Manage subtasks for different dev skills

Hi !

I would love to learn how different teams tackle one ‘problem’ we’re facing.

We have a specific tag called “skill” with these values “Back-end”, “Mobile app”, “Web app”. We decided some time ago to never use more than 1 value for each task, because it is then complicated to follow the status of the task (not knowing who actually started for etc).

So we’re now relying more on the Parent-Child tasks and create sub-tasks when necessary. The problem with this, is that when you create a sub-task, the sub-task doesn’t inherit properties from the parent task. For example, I would have a parent task called “Fix bug” with a property “Sprint” set to “Current sprint”, but all the sub-tasks won’t inherit that value, which leads to tasks being forgotten, and inefficiencies.

How do other teams manage this? (Would appreciate screenshots if you don’t mind sharing :pray:)

Hi, Guillaume!

Because subtasks are designed to be first-class citizens, they do not inherit the attributes of their parent-tasks. The intent is to allow for each subtask to have separate attributes (status, tags, assignees, etc.) from its parent task to support task independence.

For your use case, the best workaround would be to add the necessary tags when creating the subtasks. Fortunately, as shown below, you can bulk update the subtask tags using our command palette (cmd+k) to make the manual changes less cumbersome.

bulk update to subtask tags

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: