Not able to load figma files inside Height

Whenever trying to display figma files in Height, the loading indicator keeps spinning and it doesn’t finish loading. I imagine this shows for bigger files. I prefer to not show in Height at all or just re-direct to chrome instead of having it in this weird state

Hey, Giuliano! Are you saying the figma unfurls aren’t working in Height?

Yeah, it just keeps loading for a long time. My hunch is that this happens when figma files are big

Gotcha! If possible, can you send over a recording so I can add it to the bug report for documentation?

Giuliano, what’s the size of the file? Trying to get a better ideal of the threshold.

Here it is:
Kapture 2022-08-24 at 20.19.24

Thanks for the recording! Can you confirm the size of the file if possible?

Hey, Giuliano! We’re currently developing a Figma integration that will better handle in-app opening of larger Figma files. As is, we suggest opening files externally in the interim while we work to finalize the integration design :+1: