Cannot download the Mac app with Brave or Firefox

Edit: It worked with Safari though (which I normally never use). Any idea why this is so? Never encountered this with Brave or Firefox.

Thanks for the report, Max! I don’t think we’ve come across this issue before but I’ll have the team take a look and circle back with updates as they come :pray:t5:

Hey, Max! Are you still having issues downloading the app on Brave and Firefox?

Hi Akila,

Yes. And I meanwhile found out why.

I use a (common) plugin called ‘NeatDownloadManager Extension’. Great plugin, works everywhere without problems, until this thing with the Height dmg.

There’s an app that works together with plugins in browsers.

Ahh, I see. Seems like this may be an issue with the download manager. It may be worth temporarily disabling the extension if it’s not too disruptive to your workflow.

Indeed. But I also have browsers without this extension :slight_smile: And only need to download the Height-dmg through a browser once.

But I guess the Height devs should take care this does not happen. There’s no single app on my Mac that suffers from this.