Not getting emails when lists or tasks are created

I’m a manager and need to understand what my team is working on. I have the below for my notification settings, which I think means I should receive notifications when new lists or tasks are created (even if not assigned to me), but it’s not happening. Is this a bug? Does this configuration not do what I think it should do?

Hey, Tammer! Those settings are configured to send a notification if the list of a task you’re subscribed to changes; and that’s the general logic for the notification configurations. Any changes to those checked attributes (dude date, list, status, etc.) will trigger a notificaton.

ah, thanks! Is there no way to be notified when new lists are created, then?

Apologies for the delay, Tammer! There’s currently no way to be notified when new lists are created, but we’re close to releasing native automations that will support this flow :slight_smile:

Hi @Akila_Triggs - congratulations on launching automation! Unfortunately, I don’t think it solves this issue. Is there a way of triggering an automation when a list is created? I also don’t see any actions that can send emails?

No email support in this current beta version of automations, but it’s still on our radar to implement (along with directly creating a new task from email.) Also, we’ll be steadily releasing lots of new triggers; we wanted to get a few standard ones out first :slight_smile: