Quick create/capture while Height is closed or inactive

Hey Height team, enjoying Height so far. I love the speed of being able to capture tasks in Height. It’d be great if Height also had the ability to show the New Task modal even while Height is closed or inactive.

Similar to 2Do and Things quick capture shortcuts.

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Hey, Ryan!

That’s a pretty cool idea! For clarity, would you specifically want the New Task modal to be shown (and if so, what’s your use case?) Or are you wanting a snapshot view of sorts that allows you to keep tabs on a list without having Height fully open?

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I’d like a quick entry modal to be shown with a global keyboard shortcut. Bonus points if it can take the context of where I summon it, eg. website or email or document.

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Hey apologies for the delay in response.

For the purposes of quick capture my only focus would be capturing tasks from the modal. And being able to capture to a default list would be enough, I would go back and sort tasks later in the full app view.

2Do is a great example. Even if the app isn’t running, you can hit a keyboard shortcut that pulls up the modal to capture tasks. It’s not a deal breaker or anything but can be handy as you’re working in other apps you often get ideas or prompts for tasks. Rather than switch to Height entirely, you can just capture the task from the modal and stay in context of your current app

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I’d created a duplicate request here Quick add for tasks - #3 by Akila_Triggs (I’d love to see the iPhone feature as well, tho)

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Hey all! Just checking on this request. It’s a feature in most of the other work-tracking systems I’ve used before, and it’d make it so much easier to view Height as the “one place all work gets thrown”.

No update as of yet, but I did put it on our radar as promised :slight_smile:

Heads-up for any Mac OS users looking for a quick capture/view/search solution: there’s now a Height extension for Raycast! If you’re not familiar with Raycast it’s like Spotlight on steroids. “Like Alfred,” you ask? Sure. Close enough. :wink:

If you wind up using it, pop into this thread here on the forum and share your appreciate with the maker, Jakub!