Feature Request: Full project modal/mgmt

I’m not sure if this is already on the radar, but while Height is GREAT for managing tasks, it’s not as great (for me anyway) for more robust project management. I’d like to see lists that can have sections (tabs, etc.) for different things we need to plan/manage/archive our projects, like a “Files & Resources” area where you can upload documents, create new documents, a “Meetings” view specific to that project, so you can schedule standing status meetings and keep meeting notes, a separate “Project Calendar/Timeline” view (vs. toggle our task spreadsheet view), and have the project’s start date & planned end date (but they should be optional/open ended) as well as updates to the project’s overall status, separate from the statuses of it’s tasks/related events.
[EDIT: Without sacrificing Height’s beautiful simplicity!]

I know that’s a lot, LOL, but I have used SO MANY different tasks and project management apps and find things I love about each of them, but so far, none that truly have everything I need in one app. Maybe Height could be that app… :pray:


Hey, Jenee! We’d definitely love to enhance our design to better manage more robust workflows. The caveat (like you mentioned) is trying to maintain our simplicity :sweat_smile: These are all really great requests and I’ll be sure to inform the team. (I especially love the Meetings idea :bulb:)

Agreed! I found this post looking around for discussions about project management in Height, as so far I’m seeing that a big lacking feature, although I think tasks could be used for that given the subtask capability. One issue however with this solution - I think it will be unnatural for my team to forcefully figure out that something that is called at its atomic level a “task” in Height is actually a project.

I also have some ideas on Meetings that I think Height could easily get to with a few additional features, will post those soon!

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