Smart list for blocking:*

I’d love to have a smart list showing tasks that are currently blocking other tasks. I know there’s a blocking filter, but if I understand correctly you have to select a specific task that’s being blocked. I’d like to show anything that’s blocking anything, as those would become higher priority items. Similarly, the highest priority would be blocking:* and blocked-by:none, so that you know it’s not a task that’s in the middle of a blocking chain, only things that are the first incomplete link in the chain.

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This might be the exact issue I was just working through, but in the opposite direction. We’d like to be able to filter out any task that’s currently blocked by any other task. but it looks like Blocked By requires a specific task ID. Kinda odd, as I don’t imagine it’s common to want to filter for all tasks blocked by a specific other task.

For more context, we’d like to use this as a workaround until Feature request: Explicit template lists is solved. We have the first task in our templates entitled Make a copy of this list, which all of the other tasks are blocked on. If we could filter out blocked tasks, this would allow us to reduce the noise created by all of the hundreds of template tasks showing up in our personal assigned-to-me lists.

Hello Height team! Any thoughts on this small feature request? We’d love to be able to filter by Blocked By: Any or Blocked By: none

Ah, nevermind! I see via this thread that I can do Blocked By: None!