[Bug] Filtering by `Blocked By: None` doesn't work

I expect a filter that uses Blocked By: None to show all tasks whose blockers are Done. Instead, this filters out tasks that have any blocking tasks associated with them - even if the blocking tasks are Done. Doesn’t this make blocked tasks somewhat useless (since they remain blocked even if the blocker has been completed)?

Hey Height team! Just wondering if you’ve been able to verify this issue?

Apologies for the delay, Tammer! We’re working to enhance our task dependent relationships, e.g. managing blocking/blocked tasks. For now, this feature is super lightweight which is why your suggested flow isn’t fully supported.
For what it’s worth, adding an additional parameter of [AND status = Done] may filter the list appropriately, but again, it’s on our radar to ramp up our dependency tracking so I’ll make note of your use case.

Thanks, Akila!

I hadn’t thought about adding something like AND Status = Done, but I don’t think that’ll do the trick. The goal is a smart list of all tasks that don’t have undone dependencies. Pretty sure adding a clause like that will apply to the tasks themselves, not the dependencies?

Looks like it’s worse than I thought :slightly_frowning_face: Even deleting (archiving and then permanently deleting) the blocking task doesn’t unblock the other tasks. I’m not sure how to get Height to show me these tasks at all now.