What means "blocked by"?

I don’t understand the working of attribute “blocked by”. If I have a task A that is blocked by task B, what does it means?
I can close both of them…I would expect that task A cannot be closed unless I close task B, but does not work like this.
What is the utility of this attribute?

Hey, Alessandro! I know I responded to you in the internal support chat, but I’ll repost my response publicly in case other users have a similar question :slight_smile:

Blocked by can be used for lightweight dependency tracking. Essentially, if Task A is Blocked by Task B, the inverse would be Task B is Blocking Task A.
It’s super lightweight for now so there’s no actual restrictions to the dependencies, e.g. completing a blocking task does not automatically unblock or “start” the blocked task. The current design is primarily as a guide for which tasks are blocked or blocking other tasks.

“For now” means there are plans to implement hard blocking? Because I would highly appreciate that to standardize workflow processes.

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Yep! We’re exploring ways to support more robust dependency tracking and management :+1:t5:

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