Support variables and transclusions in task descriptions and forms

Tasks that have multiple levels of parent tasks can easily become hard to understand without simply clicking through each parent task to read their descriptions.

Similarly, using forms, it is not possible to specify unique attributes for the subtasks of tasks created by the form or specify descriptions to contain information entered in the form.

One solution would be the ability to use variables and/or excerpts to data to be quickly and reliably shown in multiple places:

  • When using task forms, it would be helpful to be able to define answers to questions as variables that could be inserted in subtasks descriptions/attributes.
  • In child task descriptions, it would be helpful to be able to transclude/embed a live preview of the description of another task.

This would allow tasks with many subtasks to have more accessible contextual information.


Makes sense, Todd! Will file both of these requests with the team :+1:t5: