The version number shown in the help menu may be wrong

When I open the help menu by clicking on the ? in a circle it says I’m using version 0.80.

The release notes list several versions beyond 0.80: 0.81, 0.82, 0.83, 0.84.

It seems like the product I’m using includes some of the features described by those release notes — e.g., “Exact text matches in search”, which is a 0.81 feature.

So I don’t think I’m actually using 0.80?

If you refresh, you’ll automatically be on the latest version. We have a small bug with versions within the app.

Reloading the page — either in the desktop app or in the browser — doesn’t change the version number. (In the browser I did a “reload from origin.”)

Yes, but you’re definitely on the latest version. Sorry about the confusion.