Feedback + What's new is a step back

Hey there :wave: ,

Maybe it’s just me, but when you introduced this forum, the way we submit feedback to you + the way we see what’s new with each release has gotten worse :frowning:

What I liked about the setup before (intercom + notion page) was that 1) I was already logged in 2) replies to feedback showed up directly in the app which I already have opened and use all day anyway 3) if you shipped a few updates and I missed what was new, I could just scroll down the page to see what changed.

With the forum, all the above takes extra clicks, extra logins, extra hassle - which means I do it less.

This may just be me - so please take from the above anything you find useful and disregard the rest / all.

Keep up the great work folks!

Hey Ricardo, thanks for the feedback! It’s true that it takes a couple clicks now, but one real advantage with the forum is other people can benefit from each other’s questions / answers. I think that’s especially nice for more complex how-to questions and with feature requests. You can definitely continue to ping us on Intercom for anything urgent or more specific to your account though :slightly_smiling_face: