Turning off badges on app icon on macOS

I’m really not a fan of app badging and thus turn them off where possible. Most apps that have badges appear in the Notifications panel of System settings of macOS. Unfortunately, Height does not, since it doesn’t send notifications. There’s also no setting in-app to turn off badging. This leaves me with this annoying and quite-frankly useless badge. I don’t need to know how many things are in my inbox looking at my Dock! I can see that in app if interested.

Is it possible to surface a setting for it or ask for badging permissions somehow so it shows up in System Settings and allows me to turn it off from there? Or is there a workaround outside of turning off all inbox notifications?



You can actually change this behavior from macOS directly.

Open System Preferences → Notifications → Height, and toggle off “Badge application icon”

Hope it helps!

Height doesn’t appear in my list of apps in the Notifications settings. That seems like the real bug here.

Dylan Gattey