View all pinned messages in a task

Pinning messages is a great way to surface important information and details that may be useful later, especially details that we may not think to copy and paste into the description field for one reason or another. It’d be helpful if it were possible to quickly view only pinned messages within the Chat section, perhaps to get a summary of important events. This is most helpful when the Chat fills up to hundreds of messages, at which point it can require a lot of scrolling to reach the pinned messages.

I do see a workaround of copying important content to the description field, and that feels like a best practice, but if the UI were able to allow for filtering for pinned messages, I think it would be an enhancement to the product.

One thought was expanding the Find dialog in a context-aware manner to allow for finding all pinned messages. It works great for text search and there seems to be plenty of space for adding another control or two (if it makes sense to your team of course).


YES—the way pinning works now seems to miss the point of pinning. Sure, highlighting the message is helpful, but not if you can’t find it later. For example, in Slack, there’s a “Pinned messages” button at the top of each channel.


Yes, please! Slack does this quite well, but I think a filter of Chat could work really well in Height.

For example, I might choose to see only pinned messages in Chat. Or I could choose to just see regular messages, or only messages from a particular person, or only changes to attributes.


Appreciate the suggestion, Matthew! And thanks for adding additional suggestions/feedback Georgia and David! I’ll this context along to the team :smiley: