[FEATURE REQUEST]: Showing task 'Description' and 'Chat' on the same view

I’ve found myself simply posting a comment to describe a task rather than using the description field because:

  1. Chat tab is shown by default, and you have to click to add a description

  2. Adding a description requires other people to switch to that tab, then back to the chat if they want to comment.

I think the ideal UI is for the description to be displayed by default, ABOVE the chat section. This would create one unified view for reading about and commenting on a task.

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Hey, Jordan! A simultaneous overview of chat and description is possible when viewing tasks in full-screen (shift+cmd+enter.) If you’d like to see both while viewing a task in a preview panel, you can widen the preview panel to configure the description and chat to be shown in one view.
Let me know if this helps!

Oh nice!

Well then I guess I would alter my request to make this the default view width. This is easy for me to fix for myself, but hard to communicate to every team member in my company (and every new team member).

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I’ve also wanted this. Nice that it’s available in a wider view, but would be good to have description always visible in the same way it is in (for example) github issues.

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Roger that! Will pass this along :+1:t5: