Zapier - Notion to Height, select item value won't transfer

I’m trying to have items created in a notion database automatically get added in Height.

Most properties in Notion are passing to Attributes in Height no problem

The one I’m having issue with is a custom attribute in Height. It’s a single select in Height, and a single select in Notion. When I try to test passing from one to the other I get this:

Failed to create a task in Height
The app returned “Missing field label value”.

I have create all attribute values in height to match exactly those in notion. Does anyone know what’s wrong here?

Hey, Ciaran! Not immediately sure what the issue is but I’ll see if one of our engineers can take a look and provide some insight.

Great thanks. One thing to note is the property value is definitely being carried over from Notion as I am able to get it to arrive in the description. I just can’t get to it arrive in the attribute select.