Height reorganizes manually sorted tasks

Hi there. I have the following scenario for Height. I have a smart list I use to triage my relavent in-progress tasks. I flatten subtasks and sort this list manually. I noticed that when new tasks populate the list, it has a tendency to randomize the order (or at the very least insert the new tasks in a random place). It would be nice if the order was preserved and new tasks were appended to the top/bottom when sort is set to manual. Thank you!

Hey, Eshin! Hmmm, I’m not able to immediately repro this on my end; new tasks are added to the bottom of the smart list. Are you able to send over a screen recording of an example task being added so we can dig into what’s happening?

@Akila_Triggs thanks for the reply. I’ve modified the smart list to autosort to avoid the issue since posting this, but I’ll see if I can recreate the scenario and get you a screen recording sometime in the next week.

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