Add ability to set an icon for tasks created from a form

We’re using icons to distinguish different kind of tasks

But we always have to add them manually, which is boring and not efficient. We would like to be able to set an icon directly in a form. It is possible to choose an icon for a form, but not possible to choose the icon of the task that will be created from the form

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Hey, Guillaume! Thanks for the request! I’ll pass it along to the team to consider implementing in Task forms V2 :slight_smile:

Circling back on this, Guillaume: we’ve added Icon as an attribute in the task form so that you can now choose which icon you want to appear on tasks created via the form. Hope you enjoy the new feature :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just tested, however, there seems to be a bug (I am on Height 0.111.0)
When adding an icon to a form, and clicking to save, I have this error message:

Also, I wanted to remove the icon to be sure it was the reason but it seems there is no way to remove an icon once one is added. Is that right? Probably not a big problem, but it’s confusing.

Hey, Guillaume! That error appeared because you didn’t select a color for the icon. Will update that copy to make it clearer, and will alert the team of the current inability to deselect an icon :+1:t5: