Add `copy branch name` from Linear

It’s super useful feature that Linear has:

It puts into clipboard a string like nikita/la-7-write-client-in-go, then when you create branch name with this string, Linear syncs up with GitHub.

It’s a bit nicer than what Height has whereby you first open PR and inside PR you have to start typing T-… in order for the PR to sync.

Also avoids having the Height bot message being included in all PRs. Which is noisy.

The best feature of this is that it helps you avoid typing out the branch name in your terminal/git-client which frankly saves a lot of time if you create many branches/tasks.

Hope you consider adding this. :heart:

We already do have this feature. Is it now showing up for you? Did you connect your GitHub account on Height?

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Yep I see it now. Works perfectly. :sparkles: