Synchronize GitHub issues with Height instead of one-off import

Hi there!

I’m new to Height, so maybe I just have not figured everything out yet :smiley:

I wanted to ask if it is possible somehow to synchronize GitHub issues with Height automatically? Asking because I have not found an option to do so, the only thing I found was an option to import GitHub issues on a one-off basis. Re-Importing at a later stage adds the missing GitHub issues as tasks in Height, but it’s tedious having to manually do this, so it would be great to be able to automatically sync the tasks.


Hi Florian,

Welcome to Height and thanks for reaching out!

A 2-way sync between Height <> GitHub isn’t currently supported. I’m admittedly not sure if it’s on our roadmap, but I’ll definitely share this use case with the team.

For now, aside from reimporting, a different option would be to rely on our GitHub integration to keep tasks up to date as code ships in GitHub and also crosspost comments if needed!

Hopefully this is helpful :slight_smile: