Advanced permissions system

As more people use Height, it can quickly happen that someone decides to change something in the general product / workspace settings.

In general, it would be relaxing to know if product / workspace settings are only controlled by selected users. Of course, the above can be regulated inside the team, but I think that could be done more elegantly in the software.

But before I go into details, it would be interesting to know what is already planned.

We have a concept of admin, at the moment, only the workspace creator is an admin. A few things are only available to an admin (security log, authentication restrictions, …).

What else would you need permissions on?

  • Only selected users can change attributes or general product settings.
  • Sharing of lists based on groups (currently there are group mentions)

This is to prevent users from changing workflows by mistake or out of unawareness. As this can have too great an impact on the daily work of many different people.

Something else that goes in the direction of this topic:
Restrict how a list can be interacted with:

  • Full access (can edit and share with others)
  • Can edit (can edit but not share)
  • Can comment (can view and comment but not edit)
  • Can view (cannot edit or share with others)

This should be adjustable for users as well as guests. It doesn’t have to be exactly like this.

The background is that we would like to share lists with external users, but would like to give them at most comment functionality. This is kind of in between a list being public and the user having full access to the list.