[Feature Request] Workspace level read-only guest

Hello! This is Karrot reviewing Height.app in Korea. Our company considers information transparency as the most important culture. So, there is a problem that all members of our company have to pay for the partial introduction of Height.app. However, it is very inconvenient to add guests for each board.

So, I wonder if I can invite as a guest who has read-only permission on all lists for free. I believe Height’s experience is strong, and I think it’s very likely that we’ll transition from being a free guest to paid user.

I’m curious to know what you think of the read-only guest invite feature to workspace level!

Hey, Tony!

Thanks a bunch for the request – I’ll pass it along to the team for consideration :slight_smile:

In the interim, here are a few workarounds for your use case:

  1. If you turn on Web Access (via the list’s Share menu) for each list, anyone with the secret link will have a read-only experience in the sense that they won’t be able to update tasks or interact with the chat.

  2. Though cumbersome, inviting guests to specific lists will allow them to interact with tasks if needed for a collaborative workflow. As a workaround for having to manually add guests to each list, you can create a roadmap-esque list of primary projects and assignments and then invite guests to that specific list.

  3. Enabling Allowed domains via Workspace settings → Authentication will allow anyone from your company to sign-up with ease with full member-access. However, with this option, if you upgrade to a paid plan, these guests will be converted to and counted as paid seats.