Guest/Client View

I’m sharing a list as “Public” so that others on my team who aren’t Height members yet can see the status of tasks within MS Teams. Very cool.

But my Project Manager asked if we could share that link with the client. We thought it was a good idea till we realized that sharing a list publicly meant that anyone with the link can also see all the task details AND all the chat, which isn’t “cool”. That means we can’t share the schedule of tasks with the client.

Am I missing a setting or is this the intended functionality?

Hi, David! Apologies for the delay! Sharing the link to a public list allows for anyone with the link to view the full content of that list – tasks, subtasks, chat, etc. We may consider expanding the permissions, but as of now, the content of a public list is fully visible to anyone that has access to that list.

One workaround for sharing with clients would be to invite them to specific tasks instead of public lists. Task-level invites are specific to the shared task so they won’t be able to see any other list content. Of course they’ll still have full visibility of the task’s chat, but that’s the only content they’ll see (as opposed to seeing the full list.) Also, please note, task-specific invites require guests to log-in to Height (or sign-up via email) to access the task. More info on sharing and permissions can be found here.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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