[BUG] Bulk actions aren't persisting

I’m seeing this in the macos native app. If I select multiple tasks and take an action (such as unassigning someone), then it seems to stick, but within seconds, the action is undone.

on further investigation, I think this happens when I invoke actions too quickly. Feels like API errors aren’t being caught and shown to the user correctly. Maybe a rate limit?

Trying to replicate this:

  • how many tasks are you editing at once?
  • what do you mean by “I invoke actions too quickly”? different edits in a row?

I’m now trying unsuccessfully to make a reproduction (without spamming my team). when I experienced it yesterday and this morning it was when:

  • working with many tasks (>20)
  • which had a variety of people assigned to them
  • selecting them all
  • using ctrl-k to “edit assignees”
  • using Enter to toggle each assignee first on then off (which I did quickly)

As I did this, people were assigned to all tasks and then immediately unassigned (as expected), but 2 seconds later they’d show up as assigned to the original tasks again.

Similar issue happened using the same workflow when adding/removing blocking tasks from a large number of tasks.

We’ve just merged a fix for this. Thanks for reporting!