Performance when viewing many/all tasks (100+)

The app still consistently crashes when I’ve done too much editing in our ‘all tasks’ view. Usually, It’s after using the arrow keys + tab + enter to edit various fields while triaging. After a crash, a reload fixes this, but consistently happens again after several minutes.

Thanks for the report! What’s in your all tasks view? Is it a smart list with no filters (except maybe one to hide completed tasks)? Or is it a regular list?

That’s right! A smart list with no filters AFAIK

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 13.45.22 from Height

It currently has 800-900 tasks.

Gotcha, and when you’re editing, you’re selecting all task (e.g. cmd+A)? Or selecting a few to triage/batch edit at a time?

I suspect it’s an issue because of the large number of tasks in the list. If you haven’t already done so, one thing that could help in the meantime is to set “Show completed” to “Never”.